Smaller Waist Simple Tips To Help You Lose Body Fat


How To Lose Weight For Summer

If you're trying to lose weight for summer there are different approaches you can takes.  Some will focus on overall body weight loss, while others are fat burning/muscle building exercises. 

You can actually use the second program to trim the fat, but you might lose less overall pounds because you've added some muscle tissue.

To Lose As Much Weight As Possible

To lose weight by summer at the fastest rate you'll need to adjust both your diet and exercise plan.  It's true you can lose weight by just doing one or the other, but you'll compound your results if you do both.

For instance, if you reduce your calories by 250 calories each day but choose not to exercise you'll lose about 2-3 pounds per month.  If you decide to both diet and exercise you can increase your weight loss potential to 5-7 pounds each month.

The first step is to fix all the junk food you're eating.  I know you probably realize some the food is not good for you but you can't resist.  A better approach might be to reduce the bad junk food at first.  Instead of forcing yourself to completely avoid McDonald's you can reduce your visits from four times a week to just two.

Once you start to see results you would then try to reduce your visits from twice a week to only once.  When you completely eliminate food you love, it creates a sense of deprivation and punishment.  It actually makes you crave the food MORE because you're restricting those specific foods.

How Much Exercise?

You'll want to adopt a similar strategy with exercise.  Instead of blasting your body with two hours of exercise, start with a lighter twenty minute workout three times the first week, then slowly start to increase the workout time and intensity.

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Ab Workout To Lose Belly Fat

What's the best ab workout to lose belly fat?  How often do I need to workout and what should I be eating to lose the most weight.

If you're going to start an ab routine it's important to understand what sit-ups will do for you and what they will NOT do for you.

What Sit-Ups Are Good For

Sit-ups should be viewed as a form of resistance training because that's what it is.  You're using your body weight to strengthen your abdominal.  It's odd to think of it this way because as your abs get stronger, your waist will tighten and hopefully get smaller.

With that in mind it's also important to realize that if you have a large belly or a thick layer of fat around your mid section, doing sit-ups will not help you see them better.  Yes, you'll be building muscle and getting a stronger core but sit-ups are not designed to burn off belly fat.

Make sense?

If you do 100 sit-ups a day, you'll get stronger and feel stronger but it won't help shrink your belly the way you're hoping.  The only way to get rid of the belly fat and actually see the muscles you're building is to reduce, and shed the excess body fat covering them.

The Best Diet For Abs

If you're going to be using an intense cardio routing to lower your body fat, you'll want to supply your body with enough resources to power through the workout.  You've likely read tons of articles and books telling you to lower fat and carb consumption to lose weight, which is true.  But if you leave yourself energy deprived, meaning you aren't eating enough carbs, you won't be able to finish or do as intense of an exercise because there's no energy.

It also creates the scenario where your body is starved for resources so it starts to break down muscle tissue for fuel.  Your goal is to influence your body to use fat for energy, not muscle.  If you feel yourself losing muscle during long workouts, you may want to try a protein shake right before your cardio routines.

Below is a good video about ab routines.

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How Much Weight Can I Lose In 30 Days

Losing weight over long stretches of time is not difficult, because you only need to adjust calories by a few hundred.  But what if you have a shorter goal and need to lose weight faster.  How much weight can you lose in 30 days, for instance?

The Science Of Weight Loss

Regardless of what kind of fad diet you're thinking of trying, whether it's the lemonade diet, low fat, low carb -- doesn't matter.  They all obey the same rules that govern our bodies.  The only way you can lose weight is to consume fewer calories than your body needs to sustain itself.

When that happens, your body has to dip into it's energy reserves (body fat) to use for walking and breathing.  If you eat more than you need without burning excess calories you're not going to lose anything.

So what does it take to lose one pound?  To lose one pound of body weight you need to reduce your daily intake of calories by 500.  You could also get the same effect by burning off an extra 500 calories through exercise but that would be time consuming.

That is the basic formula.  500 calories per day, or 3500 calories per week.  That means for every 3500 calories reduced through diet or exercise you'll lose one pound.

How Much Can I Lose In 30 Days?

It's just a numbers game, which makes it very obvious that you would either need to reduce calories to an unhealthy level or exercise like a mad man to lose a large amount of weight in 30 days.  Can you survive on 1000 calories a day, and be happy?

Also take into consideration that once you abandon that extreme 1000 calorie a day diet, you'll go back to regaining body weight.

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